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 how to make cod7 in your played games

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PostSubject: how to make cod7 in your played games   Fri Jul 16, 2010 12:07 pm

Right. So basically this makes you have the new call of duty in your recent games played.
I have not done this , But I am currently trying Smile

What Do I need:
Hex Workshop
Xplorer 360/USB Explorer
Gamer Pic Injector (Or any other program you can find Game IDs of

Step 1: Play a game offline which you have 0Gamerscore on.

Step2: Extract your profile to your computer via USB or Transfer Cable. (Please Make a back-up or you'll have to recover your account again)

Step3: Open Xplorer/UsbExplorer and find your account and extract to your desired place.

Step4: Open HexWorkshop and drag your profile into it.

Step5: Open GamerPicInjector and on the left , Scroll down the list until you see the game you just played with 0Gamerscore.

Step5: Copy&Paste the Game ID.

Step6: Press Ctrl+F on HexWorkshop and paste the Game ID into the Hex Value text box. Click the "Find all Instances" Box. It makes in easier.

Step7: There should be a few instances , So on the bottom keep click on them until you see one where on the left , It says the name of the game you played. (Mine for example will be "Worms")

Step8: The CoD7:BlackOps game ID is "41560855".
Halo:Reach is "4D53085B" Type this over the previous game ID.

Step9: Hit save on HexWorkshop.

Step10: Drag Into Modio and Rehash/Resign.

Step11: Inject your profile back in and Your done Very Happy

Once on the xbox , It might take a while for the update to come through.

I do not take credit for this... just posting to let you all know the secret
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how to make cod7 in your played games
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