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PostSubject: WIRELESS LAG SWITCH   Fri Jul 16, 2010 7:54 am

this is a tutorial on how to lag switch without any cables

1, download net tools 5 just google it.
it will come up as a trojan but it is clean its just the programs in it trust me

2, install, again it may say it is trojan and some other stuff but its just the programs inside so just allow everything

3,next when done open net tools 5

4,click start,network tools,then go down till u see udp flooder.

5, click udp flooder, on the first bar put
and copy and paste data about 100 times.

6 next move the speed bar up to 10 (make sure its on 10 other wise it will not work)

7,click start and it start to make everyone lag ecept from u (only leave on for about 20 secs)if u leave on for to long it will pick a diffrent host.

you have to be host for this to work

cheers sean Smile
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